• The (Curious) Disappearance of Pajamas 881 (CAPA DURA)

The (Curious) Disappearance of Pajamas 881 (CAPA DURA)

  • Categorias: Infantil On Demand
  • Autor: Lu Paternostro
  • Modelo LPB000330
  • Entrega: Impresso on demand

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    OPY Editora
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  • R$ 95,00
The (Curious) Disappearance of Pajamas 881 is the amazing story of a girl who discovers her dormant powers. A story that never ends and opens up to infinite other stories.
Moringa is a persistent, brave, curious... and somewhat crazy girl!
Determined to find a lost Pajamas from her collection, she goes on a magical adventure in which she makes several discoveries.
A richly illustrated story, full of interesting characters, offering a reading experience to be tasted, bringing out its various layers of interpretation.
A work to imagine with eyes closed, encouraging creativity and  dreaming, raising questions and possible outcomes to be elaborated, or  even interactively complemented on the book's website suggestions of activities for children.
The (Curious) Disappearance of Pajamas 881 invites you to look once  again at what you have already seen in a first glimpse.
A trip worth taking.

Sobre a artista:
Lu Paternostro holds a degree in Visual Arts.
She is a multimedia artist, designer, writer, tourism marketeer and communication entrepreneur. She applies interdisciplinarity in her activities and creations.
Born and raised in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, Lu Paternostro freely integrates - in her writing and art - image and movement, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative.
Her artworks are full of characters and dreamlike scenes, which unfold over time, revealing secrets in detail and layers of enchantment.
This book is an invitation to readers of all ages to travel and, if they dare, to participate in the author's and her characters' imaginary universe.

Learn more about the author and her artworks by visiting the website lupaternostro.com
Editora OPY Editora
Edição 1
País de Origem Brasil
Ano de publicação 2022
Assunto Literatura Infantil
Idioma Inglês
Código de Barras 978-85-5522-777-6
Formato Altura 20
Formato Largura 20
Cor da capa colorida
Papel do Miolo Couchê fosco 150 gr.
Nº de Páginas 72
Encadernação Capa Dura

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