• Hello, I am Coronavirus: and i have a message for you

Hello, I am Coronavirus: and i have a message for you

  • Categorias: Medicina e Saúde
  • Autor: Miguel Ángel Aranjuez
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The coronavirus tells its saga in the human body.
Know what happens to the human body, step by step, when it is contaminated by the coronavirus, and what happens inside our organism when it attacks it.
This book will give you the knowledge you need to face this crisis. And it will give you the awareness you need to make the right decisions to fight this epidemic.
The author, Miguel Ángel Aranjuez, has dedicated to advising people in times of difficulty. Seeing that humanity faces the greatest challenge of this century, capable of changing consciousness, he saw the opportunity to contribute to this transformation.
He has realized that within people there will be such a shock that it is impossible not to transform from this struggle.
To write this book, Miguel Ángel had the invaluable help of scientists Dr. Helder de Freitas Braga Filho, Dr. Laíse Assis Peixoto and Dr. Manoel Ávila, from Lombardy, Italy, where he lives.
This is an important book for our survival, because it opens the way for the understanding of a pandemic that questions reality as we know it.
Editora PoloBooks
Edição 1
País de Origem Brasil
Ano de publicação 2020
Assunto Medicina e Saúde
Idioma Inglês
Código de Barras 978-65-5502-021-2
Formato Altura 21
Formato Largura 14
Papel da Capa Supremo Alto Alvura 250 gr
Cor da capa colorida
Papel do Miolo Off set 90 gr.
Nº de Páginas 88
Encadernação Brochura lombada quadrada

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